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Due to lack of interest in the competition, and the deadline only being three days away, I've decided to extend the competition until after the Christmas holidays. This is because I really want to see the group getting involved and I have had it pointed out that the run up to Christmas is very busy when it comes to school work. Therefore I will throw the deadline even further and set it for the 15th of February. This should avoid the pressure of January exams as well.

Clichés are split into three main groups. You have:

- Situational clichés
o Beneath the moonlight
o It was a dark and stormy night

- Character clichés
o A Scotsman with bright orange hair and a kilt
o Overprotective father

- Linguistic clichés
o “Dull as ditchwater”
o “I nearly had a heart attack!”

The contest rules run as follows.

- Dig down into the random recesses of literature and pull out some of the most annoying clichés that you can find.

- You need a minimum of ten clichés to enter this competition, include a list of the clichés in their original forms in the Artist’s description box.

- Nearly any form of literature will be accepted, everything but fan-fiction. I want to see original works for this competition.

- Show a clear narrative. Throwing a list of ten clichés together will not get you anywhere, since the reason the clichés need to be listed in original form afterwards, will be so that I can see what you have used. Twist them out of proportion; show me clichés in a way that is completely unique.

- “As thick as a plank of wood!” – “With the mental capacity of a great oak!”

- This is a competition designed to show me your skills as story-tellers. Really throw yourselves into the piece and show me what you have got.

- A maximum of 3,000 words and only one entry per member.

- DEADLINE: 15th February 2012

- 1st Place:
             - 2 critiques on a piece of work of your choice.
             - A copy of 'Can I Change Your Mind' by Lindsay Camp
             - Feature on  the 'Writing and Works' blog
             - Feature on the 'MotifInk' website

- 2nd Place
             - 1 Critique on a piece of work of your choice
             - Feature on the 'Motif Ink' website

- 3rd Place
             - Feature on the 'Motif Ink' website

{send me a note if you would like to offer any further prizes}
13-15-15-14-10-1 Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Not so mush lack of interest on my side but more a school project that must be finished in 2 weeks and we started 4 weeks ago... it takes all my time I'm writing you this just before I go to sleep.

yours sincerely,

parchmentgirl Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2012  Student Writer
I know exactly how you feel. -.-
13-15-15-14-10-1 Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Well I'll have a short vacation in 4 weeks... then I might get so rest...
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November 27, 2012


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