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Writers' Prompt

'The dagger landed with a muffled splash somewhere below, and by the looks of it, she would be following suit fairly soon.'

Now you don't need to use my exact wording, you can change things around as much as you like as long as the basics of the prompt are kept the same. I know it lends itself more to prose than to poetry, but for those of you who are staring at this with a brain full of white noises, remember-

As long as you write something, no matter what you think of it when you finish typing or put the pen down, you have still managed to put something down on paper. That is what makes a writer.

All submissions will receive a quick comment, and the authors can include a link in their artists' descriptions to a piece of  literature that they would like critiquing.

The top three entries will be featured in next weeks update.

Group Updates

As I keep saying, the Cliche Contest is still running.

Cliche Contest Update - Further ExtentionDue to lack of interest in the competition, and the deadline only being three days away, I've decided to extend the competition until after the Christmas holidays. This is because I really want to see the group getting involved and I have had it pointed out that the run up to Christmas is very busy when it comes to school work. Therefore I will throw the deadline even further and set it for the 15th of February. This should avoid the pressure of January exams as well.
Clichés are split into three main groups. You have:
- Situational clichés
o Beneath the moonlight
o It was a dark and stormy night
- Character clichés
o A Scotsman with bright orange hair and a kilt
o Overprotective father
- Linguistic clichés
o “Dull as ditchwater”
o “I nearly had a heart attack!”
The contest rules run as follows.
- Dig down into the random recesses of literature and pull out some of the most annoying clichés that you can find.
- You need a minim

Make sure to get your entries ready or I will start chasing group members. I have no shame when it comes to sending notes to members to see exactly where they stand in the group.
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Submitted on
December 27, 2012